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Next book signing: Long Island, N.Y. at Clovis Point Vineyard on AUG 5th. It will be an awesome day filled summer fun! Books, wine, authors, music! Jackie Smith, James W Peercy, Anna Quinn, Lissa Redmond
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Texas Renaissance Festival Oct 14-15th, 2017

James William Peercy and Jacqueline E. Smith will be signing and selling books at the Texas Renaissance Festival. These will include "The Wall Outside", "Patition Majik", "Twisted Fates", "Tainted Soul", "Cemetery Tours", "Between Worlds", and "After Death".

James will be onsite Saturday and Sunday October 7-8th. Jacqueline will be joining him on Saturday only.

They will be located at Lorraine Martin's booth, The Butterfrog #670WW, right next to the king's blacksmith, Ravensmith!

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Book3 Xun Ove Series
Step Across the Barrier

Moonlight streamed through the window as a song woke him. Though Elfleda snuggled against him, her rhythmic breathing did not create the sound. Where only the wind should rustle through the leaves, the music floated almost out of hearing.

Wake, my hero. Come to me in a time of flight and fancy free. Open up the gates that swing, and know that you have begot four kings.

His head turned to the right; Bob the Pixie, his trickster friend, snored lightly in the corner. The pixie rested on a dresser in a small bed Elfleda had made . If Elfleda and Bob were not responsible, who in the world messed with his dreams?

A baby's cry met his ears; its voice lay far in the distance. A claw touched his cheek. He jerked to the left and gazed at a black raven that hovered mere inches above his face. It stared at him with knowing eyes, cawed, and took flight.


Twisted Fates - Xun Ove Series Book 3

The Magic Returns.....


If you would like to see some books, click on one of the following websites:

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Twisted Fates Amazon.com
Twisted Fates Amazon.co.uk

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Coming Soon! Twisted Fates


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