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Next book signing: Long Island, N.Y. at Clovis Point Vineyard on AUG 5th. It will be an awesome day filled summer fun! Books, wine, authors, music! Jackie Smith, James W Peercy, Anna Quinn, Lissa Redmond
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The wind whistled by him. His breath came in puffs of steam. Snowflakes fell around him as they coated everything in white and reflected the full moon's glow.

Jonna leaped to the top of a white coated log. While his lungs labored in the winter air, his legs stretched with each bound. Snow spilled down. However, despite the cold, his digits remained warm. He raced into the upper reaches of a tree and paused on a small plateau.

The voice of Lord Conall echoed through the forest behind him. You owe me. The debt must be paid.

Below him, through the underbrush, two stone altars caught his attention. On one lay an elvish woman. On the other lay a human female. Both were strapped with leather ties. Neither appeared conscious. A runic dagger hovered between them.

Owe you what? Jonna challenged into the wind.

The voice changed from male to female as Esti, a vulkodlak, answered, Run, Jonna, run!

This is the fourth book in the Xun Ove series. Inside you'll find elves, pixies, vulkodlaks, nixies, humans and more. If you have never read the series, check out the first book, 'The Wall Outside'.


Tainted Soul - Xun Ove Series - Book 4

OMG...the best story ever. I think of the entire series this is my new favorite...

I've loved all of the books but I think this one is my favorite (so far)...


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